High standards. A long tradition. And a sewing workshop in Leinach.

Our customers have high standards. They know what they want – and we value that awareness. It’s a state of mind, an attitude toward life. Why should they limit themselves or accept compromises? For a long time now, women have not just been interested in beautiful fabrics – clever tailoring, the highest level of comfort and functionality are just as important. It is a standard that cannot be met through mass production.

No one is as conscious of this as the Weidauer family, which has successfully managed the company Ulla Dessous for three generations now. The work that started in Leinach near Würzburg in 1948, with company founders Gerhard and Eleonore Weidauer and two sewing machines, is now continued by a 70-person team managed by Toni and Stella Weidauer. Still in Leinach. Still with the same perfection and passion – and still by hand and with sewing machines.

Piece by piece, seam by seam – everything is made by hand.

It all starts with the right fabric, in other words carefully choosing materials at the Paris Textile Fair. Sophisticated fabrics from Europe, embroidery from Switzerland and Austria all need to meet the high standards for Ulla Dessous products, and the material composition has to offer optimum support. In addition, the fabric design should be figure-flattering. In general, for ethical reasons, the company only uses fabrics that are produced according to EU guidelines.

Each new lingerie item undergoes a long development phase in the cutting department before it goes into production. Until then, it is repeatedly tested by customers to achieve a perfect fit for different figures and body types.

In the tailoring stage, the lace braiding in particular requires great delicacy and skill. Up to 10 layers of fabric are stacked on top of each other and cut to size by hand, with a band knife. Experienced seamstresses precisely assemble the individual cut pieces into a finished bra, with many small work steps. Finally, each item is subjected to careful quality controls – our way of guaranteeing the consistently high quality of Ulla Dessous.